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Money Matters?

This is just random, so bare with me for a moment.

I am having those weekends where I have no idea what to do and no currency to do anything. The worst part I am almost out of data bundles which means I have no Internet at home. The coffee shop that I am typing this post from is the same place that I work at, that’s to say unlimited wifi! So I will enjoy this last hours of antisocial social networking, basking in the oven that has become Jo-burg.

Its a few days till pay day or rather today should have been payday, I have completely exhausted all my economic resources (boyfriend, friends and kind strangers). I am humbly living off my tips. There is just over 20bucks in my wallet, just enough money to get me home. Man! I hate this whole idea of having to wait for payday in order to do things, go places. I need to figure out a cost effective (not spending money) way of avoiding the boredom. Um… (ancient brain gears triedly start moving). this site has a list of 20 things to do, the last point sounds so appealing because its so me. I do like the idea of making a fortress, used to do those all the time with my sister when we are kids. The cleaning up sucks though, and I do believe it would rise a red flag if I am caught inside a self made fortress at my age. My family would think the slow and apparent decay of my mind has reached in pinnacle phase.

I am kind stuck, any ideas? any one?


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